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Capt. Cathy Eagle. PHOTO PROVIDED

Our native bottlenose dolphins are plentiful in our Gulf Coast waters. They can be discovered up the Caloosahatchee River and Peace River the place the water is brackish. Brackish water is much less salty than seawater, however bottlenose dolphins are nonetheless thought of a saltwater species.

There are literally six species of smaller, freshwater dolphins discovered around the globe. They dwell within the rivers of south-central Asia, China, South America and within the coastal waters of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

One of the crucial well-known of the river dolphins is the Amazon River dolphin or “boto.”

The “boto” can also be known as the pink dolphin. It is not uncommon within the turbid waters of the Amazon and Orinoco river basins. A lot smaller than our bottlenose dolphins, a male Amazon river dolphin can develop to over 8 toes and weigh over 350 kilos. Females are barely smaller. Their coloration can differ from darkish grey to mottled pink-and-gray to shiny pink. They’ve lengthy beaks and rounded foreheads.

The river dolphins will not be as athletic as our bottlenose dolphins. They don’t make sensational leaps and dives. As an alternative, they spend a lot of their time on the river bottoms, trying to find mud-loving fish and crustaceans. Regardless of having small eyes, river dolphins navigate muddy waters with ease, because of their sonar.

The ancestors of river dolphins have been marine dolphins that invaded freshwater environments throughout excessive sea ranges occurring close to the top of the Miocene Epoch (23 million to five.3 million years in the past). It was a time of hotter world climates. Two main ecosystems made their first look throughout this time. The kelp forests and grasslands have been born out of this local weather change.

Capt. Cathy Eagle has spent over 40 years boating in our native waters. As an expert constitution captain she makes a speciality of dolphin and nature excursions. Go to or name 239 994-2572.

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