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Property transfers recorded in Trumbull County Sept. 12-16:


Carol J. Guzan to Gregory J. Porter, 4472 Durst Clagg Street, $170,000

Marilyn Spencer to Britany Linda Hickey, 3164 Deer Path Unit B, $116,000


Theodore W. Terry to Knapp Street LLC, Mahan Parker Street, $280,000

Knapp Street LLC to William C. Miller and Katie D. Miller, Mahan Parker Street, $290,000

Windsor Street Land LLC to William C. Miller and Katie D. Miller, Warren Painesville Street, $150,000

DL Smith Firm LLC to Denise Sigurdsson, Bloomfield Geneva Street, $25,000

Barbora Mae Ughrin to Clifford James Keller and Janna Christine Briggs, 2046 Norton Lane, $288,500

Windsor Street Land LLC to Joseph W. Byler and Kathryn L. Byler, 8233 state Route 45, $550,000


Thomas L. Parsons and Faye L. Parsons to Kayla M. Hlas and Joseph E. Hlas, 3535 state Route 82, $410,000


DGM Property Holdings LLC to Timothy W. Nolan and Racheal L. Nolan, 996 Sharon Hogue Street, $117,000


TNR of Warren Inc to Martin R. Fenton, Folsom St., $55,000

Nathan Mullen and Brandy Mullen to Ray Ellis, 6474 Shafer Street, $165,000

Margaret E. Brown to Chulman Builders LLC, 6064 Shafer Street, $60,142

Melinda S. Vanderburggen to Harold N. Rogers and Joann Rogers, 5275 Mahoning Ave., $310,000


Eric Giesey and Nicole Giesey to Frederick F. Campogni, 201 Diamond Approach, $297,400

Devin Egbert and Shiona Egbert to Summer time Wilde, 196 Market St., $184,900

Kevin Kifer and Jenna Kifer to Shannon J. Siwicki, 159 Topaz Path, $153,000

Zane L. Mathews and Luann P. Mathews to Monica Cardon, 105 Aspen Place, $275,000


Ben N. Troyer and Betty Anne Troyer to Paul B. Troyer and Shirley D. Troyer, 5464 Warren Painesville Street, $285,000


Cythina Treharn and Thomas Babik to Brandon Shannon, 103 Howard St., $20,000

Barbara Winowich to Joseph J. Fabian, 837 Dravis Ave., $110,000

MLTZ Enterprises LLC to Hallway Properties LLC, 25 Broadway Ave., $87,000

Judith A. Zulick to Patrick Rhodes and Nicholett Maderitz, 611 Wellman Ave., $100,000

Lori L. Johnson to Jacqueline J. Cromeans and Daniel W. Cromeans, 78 Emma St., $56,500


Melissa Michelle Zimmerman to Michael R. Wooden and Erin E. Wooden, 5888 Everett Hull Street, $400,000

David C. Yeager to Collin Chambers and Hayley Pavic, 4016 state Route 7, $120,000

C. Richard Hale, Karen Lynn Hale, Craig Hood Hale to Cody J. Burns and Hayley M. Burns, 2928 Bushnell Campbell Street, $265,000


Shirley M. Trimble to Nestor J. Rosario, 3564 Kimberly Drive, $180,000

Deborah Marie Everett to Gage Roth, 9940 King Graves Street, $130,000

Isaiah A. Zajac to Deanne L. Parr, 685 Laurelwood Drive, $195,000

Shadylane LLC to Shady Lane Cell Residence Park LLC, 2090 Clermont Ave., $485,100

Willard Thomas Cayavec and Judith Ann Cayavec to Joshua Alex Miller, 8891 Sherwood Drive, $186,500

Diane S. Jarvis to Joseph Casey and Elizabeth Casey, 437 Avalon Drive, $370,000

COT Pizza RE LLC to Ok and L Johnson LLC, 3401 Elm Street, $1,845,925

Betty Jean Latham to Scott P. Hogan, 9333 Howland Springs Street, $80,000

John Michael Snyder to Noah Emmanuel Shreves, 1283 Howland Wilson Street, $171,000

Michael J. Drotleff and Darcy M. Drotleff to Charmaine Evette Brown, 7988 Raglan Drive, $274,900

Frank A. Nannicola II to Antonio Jose Lamota and Rosaria Maria Lamota, 8607 Kimblewick Lane, $425,000

Paul Hufford to Ann Marie Ritter and Fred Eugene Ritter, 2568 Aspinwall Ave., $62,000

Ana Churman to Madison Lombardo and Tyler Lombardo, 7715 Raglan Drive, $194,000

Travaglini Enterprises Inc to Howland Terrace Homeowners Growth, Highland Terrace, $80,000

Beverly Lee Gartland to M Walker Investments LLC, 8508 Carriage Hill Drive, $130,000

Gail T. Mamula Seekins to Bum Yoon and Kim Eunah Ryu, 8815 South St., $178,000


Welfam LTD to Welfam LTD, 5902 Chestnut Ridge Street, $22,965

James W. Bullock and Cynthia Ok. Bullock to Lourdes Perdomo and Lary Perdomo, Liberty Avenue, $125,000

Arthur Ross Wilson Jr. and Thomasina P. Wilson to Lucy I. Lange, 2508 Applegate Street, $58,000

David J. Shives to Daniel A. Kilar Sr. and Susan I. Kilar, 320 Jackson Ave., $40,000


Charles A. Wilkins to George Carter Gary III and Donna M. Gary, 2120 Tibbetts Wick Street, $299,900

Amy Denunzio and James Denunzio to Amy Denunzio and James Denunzio, 394 Thomas Street, $80,000

Kyle J. Mamounis to Miranda Tuttle and Connor Tuttle, 348 Ventura Drive, $129,900

Richard Rozzo to John D. Lasker, Naylor Lloyd Street, $45,000


Chad D. Foor and Johanna E. Morgan to Joseph J. Williams Jr. and Leah Williams, 2760 Virginia Drive, $305,000

Walid Ok. Abuasi and Aida M. Alzuraiq to Eyad Husni Abed and Wendy H. Abed, 2492 Barth Drive, $229,000


Thomas E. Battison to Richard A. Wiscott, 539 Illinois Ave., $143,000


James A. Pozzuto and Mark A. Pozzuto to Markie A. Pozzuto and John A. Inhat, 6450 Phillips Rice Street, $80,000

Markie A. Pozzuto and John A. Inhat to Markie A. Pozzuto and John A. Inhat, 6450 Phillips Rice Street, $80,000

Ronald J. Vavrinak and Catherine Grenawalt to Michael Carl Ranttila and Amy Lynn Ranttila, 5533 state Route 46, $536,000


Donna J. Swigart to Ellice D. Johnson, 24 W. Church St., $110,000

Brenda S. McClain to Tracy Kimble and Homosexual R. Kimble, 3717 state Route 534, $267,000

Daybreak E. Nutter and Cassandra L. Sutley to Steven D. Hinkle and Brandy N. Hinkle, 1031 Woodglen Drive, $130,000

Brian F. Kurtz to Melissa R. Davis, 2800 West River Street, $191,000

Richard L. Bricker to Lisa M. Pope and Christopher M. Pope, 5201 Vivid Baldwin Street, $150,000


David E. Calderone Jr. to Christopher T. Calderone, 216 Wilson Ave., $130,000

Skilled Actual Property Inc. to Melissa J. Givens, 1402 Outdated Forge Street, $135,135

Joseph T. Komlanc and Kelli M. Komlanc to Hannah J. Shaffer, Kearney St., $122,000


Anthony C. Everhart and Ember L. Everhart to Melissa M. DeJacimo, 6348 state Route 88, $290,000


Karen Kay Contemplate Cykon and Terrence Lee Contemplate to Kevin R. Myers, Smith Stewart Street, $135,000

Lisa G. Hutchinson and Marcy R. Curtis to Allison Nero, 3215 Warren Sharon Street, $165,000


William A. Jones and Katherine A. Jones to Kenneth James Kelmer Jr. and Aleksandra M. Kelmer, 2358 Oakdale St., $215,000

Vera Loychik to Williams Holdings Ohio LLC, 753 Packard St., $42,500

Elizabeth A. Drapcho to 2315 AVA LLC, 4028 Lengthy Hill Drive, $121,250

Jack G. Lunn and Ladonna J. Lunn to Clinton Jason Regulation and Linda Regulation, 2751 Milton St., $38,567

Shadylane LLC to Shady Lane Cell Residence Park LLC, 2090 Clermont Ave., $485,100

Warren North Street LLC to SAHA LLC, 3919 E. Market Avenue, $2,745,000

Alex Lehman to Phillip B. Richmond and Brianne Baier, 535 Belvedere Ave., $140,000

Tracy L. Eldridge to Gage Avenue LLC, 975 Glenwood Ave., $67,000

Carlene Morrell to NEO Group 1 LLC and C. Ray Famigilia LLC, 845 Melwood Drive, $70,000

Bernard Bush to Richard W. Kneubehl Jr. and Alexis M. Pier, 400 Marwood Drive, $185,000

Summers H. Endicott III to Andrew W. Cornicelli, 427 Central Parkway Ave., $136,000

Divvy Properties Wearhouse A LLC to Sandra Lee Muddiman, 3264 Lynwood Drive, $158,725

Tyler Joseph Chinchic of Elizabeth Santos Leyva, 3310 Bon Air St., $76,500

Charles W. Grimm and Almogene L. Grimm to It’s 5 O’Clock Someplace LLC, 442 Diehl South Street, $24,722

John W. Fitzgerald and Eva B. Fitzgerald to James C. Hoppel and Andrea C. Hoppel, 256 Oak Knoll Drive, $221,000

Humility of Mary Well being Companions to Michael J. Bell, 457 Eastland Ave. SE, $60,000

John W. Shaffer and Valerie A. Shaffer to Rickie Ok. Monroe and Mary A. Monroe, 3870 North Woods Unit 5, $120,000


Kailen Mylar to Tyler Anderson, Denniston Ave., $156,000

William Cline to Eric Scharf, Orchard Courtroom, $30,000

David A. Claybourne and Sharon Ok. Claybourne to Neal Fickes and Angela Barber, 1192 Emerson St., $32,000

Martin Tackett to Carmell Sue Boyle, McDonald Ave., $89,000

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