The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Sept. 27:

City of Clayton: 5 acres, Outdated City Springs Street, Nicholas S. Argyros, Albany, bought to Richard G. Badi and Stephanie L. Badi, Clayton $30,000

City of Wilna: 2 acres, 40296 Rogers Crossing Street, Mary L. Goodspeed, Carthage, bought to Sandra J. Merrow, Livonia, Mich.; Joanne D. Reid, Baldwinsville and Jennifer L. Webb, North Syracuse $0

City of Cape Vincent: 55.34 acres, Burnt Rock Street, Rosalyn L. Goutremout, Watertown, bought to Benjamin Rubacha and Holly Rubacha, Dexter $0

City of Henderson: 40.61 acres, Ridge Street, Jennifer L. Risser, Watertown, bought to Chad Denehy, Watertown $1

City of Watertown: 1.7 acres, 21885 County Route 60, Robert Scott Dupell and Patricia Faye Dupell, Watertown, bought to Justin James Picou and Julia Might Picou, Clarksville, Tenn. $324,000

City of Orleans: 0.4 acres, 43778 County Route 100, Kelsey L. Williams and Allen P. Dwyer, Wellesley Island, bought to Daniel McDowell and Lindsay Wilcox, Williamsville $150,000

City of Pamelia: 0.92 acres, 26438 County Route 53, Thomas D. Mulligan and Jodi L. Mulligan, Dexter, bought to Matthew Ryan Elder and Nabaasa F. Elder, Pamelia $268,500

City of Lyme: 6 acres, County Route 57, Level Peninsula Improvement Corp., Syracuse, bought to Helsun NV LLC, Cave Creek, Ariz. $190,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.35 acres, 1012 Erie St., Donald Soluri, Watertown, bought to Matthew S. Houde, Colorado Springs, Colo. $229,900

City of Pamelia: 0.84 acres, 24961 State Route 37, Luke J. Franklin, Spring Lake, N.C., bought to Derek J. Vela and Tayci L. Vela, Pamelia $219,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Sept. 28:

City of Clayton: 0.56 acres, 32449-32453 State Route 12, Violet Elaine Moseley-Wilkie, Depauville, bought to Rachel Cintron, Palm Seaside, Fla. and Katie Grose, LaFargeville $0

City of Brownville: 1.19 acres, 24980 Street 416 N, Donald Vrabel, Watertown, bought to Ian M. Brambs and Maya E. Brambs, Dexter $209,900

City of Adams: 0.18 acres, Pitcher Avenue and North Avenue, Jefferson County, Watertown, bought to Annette Bodah and Timothy Bodah, Adams Middle $6,200

City of Lorraine: 11 acres, Lot 21, Berry Drive, Lee D. Berry and Sue E. Berry, Adams, bought to David Ramos, Goshen $28,750

City of Adams: 1.4 acres, 18041 State Route 177, Raymond E. Telego Jr. and Melanie A. Telego, Adams Middle, bought to Jason L. Bruce and Alisa M. Bruce, Cache, Okla. $255,000

City of Lorraine: 10 acres, Lot 18, Berry Drive, Lee D. Berry and Sue E. Berry, Adams, bought to Kevin Straube and Marjorie Straube, Port Charlotte, Fla. $29,900

Metropolis of Watertown: 5 parcels: 1) 0.3 acres, 116 Winslow St., 2) 0.38 acres, 122 Winslow St., 3) 0.29 acres, 609 Washington St., 4) 0.19 acres, 603 Washington St., 5) 0.11 acres, 110 Winslow St., Jerry R. Gardner and N&G Leases LLC, Watertown, bought to Jackson & Finnegan Properties LLC, Watertown $700,000

City of Henderson: 0.37 acres, 2887 Stone Level Lane, William R. Loehr Jr. and Andrea Loehr, Syracuse, bought to James S. Brissenden and Kathleen M. Brissenden, Baldwinsville $75,000

City of Clayton: 1.11 acres, 14979 Valley Drive, William F. Ramseier and Mia R. Ramseier, Clayton, bought to Robert S. Dupell and Patricia Faye Dupell, Watertown $340,000

Village of Carthage: Two parcels totaling 0.65 acres, 115 Riverside Drive, Allen W. Williams and Barbara A. Williams, Sackets Harbor, bought to 115 Carthage Holdings LLC, Poughkeepsie $525,000

Village of Alexandria Bay: 3.54 acres, Highland Avenue, Ronald G. Thomson, Alexandria Bay and Richard S. Thomson, Alexandria Bay, bought to Hearts for Youth Inc., Alexandria Bay $0

City of Wilna: Two parcels totaling 0.17 acre, 37186 State Route 3, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., bought to Kimberly Perrigo,. Carthage $40,490

City of Watertown: 5 acres, 17962 Van Allen Street N., Mary E. Fitzgerald, Watertown, as trustee of the Peter W. Fitzgerald Belief, bought to Anthony J. Sligar and Melissa J. Sligar, Watertown $43,000

City of Clayton: 3.84 acres, 17028 County Route 3, Patricia E. LeConey, Clayton, bought to Chris A. Carlisle and Karen L. McCrum, Clayton $160,000

City of Champion: 2 acres, 36466 State Route 126, James E. Stanton and Valerie G. Stanton, Carthage, bought to Evelyn Ok. Rivers, Carthage $260,000

Village of Carthage: 0.18 acres, 221 West St., Donald Alan Desrosiers and Helen Countryman, Harmony, N.C., bought to Rebecca M. Kuehnle, Carthage $84,400

City of Brownville: 2.18 acres, 26401 Perch Lake Street, Elijah Fennell III and Ashley R. Fennell, Henderson, Colo., bought to Flagstar Financial institution FSB, Troy, Mich. $279,028

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Sept. 29:

Village of Carthage: 0.4 acres, 406 S. James St., Richard E. Peebles, Carthage and Ryan G. Peebles, Fairlee, Vt., as executors of the Mary L. Peebles property, bought to Kimberly D. Offen, Adams $106,000

City of Antwerp: 0.3 acres, Coolidge Street, G. Gregory Chester and Heidi A. Heap-Chester, Harpswell, Maine and David W. Chester and Beverly A. Chester, Philadelphia, bought to Jefferson County, Watertown $750

City of Antwerp: 1.24 acres, Coolidge Street, G. Gregory Chester, Harpswell, Maine and David W. Chester, Philadelphia, bought to Jefferson County, Watertown $3,000

City of Antwerp: Two parcels: 2.45 acres and 0.17 acres, Coolidge Street, Geoffrey Ok. Richardson, East Berne and Scott D. Richardson, Glastonbury, Conn., bought to Jefferson County, Watertown $12,400

City of Rutland: 0.9 acres, 23957 Cemetery Street, Macayla Robinson, Potsdam, bought to Scott Emerson and Lynne Emerson, Felts Mills $2,900

City of Cape Vincent: 1.05 acres, 2681 Humphrey Street, William J. O’Dell and Merilu B. O’Dell, Holland, bought to William J. Vierzen, George Mills, N.H. $35,000

City of Theresa: 13.3 acres, English Settlement Street, Robert W. Needham, Brewerton and Carol S. Skanes, Syracuse, as directors of the Eugene W. Needham property, bought to Frederick T. Goodwin and Darla Jean Roy, Watertown $7,100

City of Wilna: 2.3 acres, 22521/22523 Boyd Street, Brandi Gates, Carthage and Kalie Carlton and Anthony Carlton, Carthage, bought to Cheyenne L. Rogers, Watertown $58,000

City of Champion: 0.34 acres, State Route 3, Daniel Richardson, Carthage, bought to Roderick Ok. Martin and Lisa A. Martin, Nice Bend $6,500

City of Brownville: 0.31 acres, 20476 County Route 59, Gerald E. Houppert Jr., Dexter, bought to Craig Jennings and Darlene E. Jennings, Fuquay-Varina, N.C. $215,000

Village of Carthage: 0.12 acre, 510 Fulton St., Deborah A. Guyette, Myrtle Seaside, S.C.; Christine M. McLane, Carthage; and Evelyn S. Rivers, Carthage, bought to Christopher M. Vlachos, Carthage $158,000

City of LeRay: 0.61 acres, 26202 LaFave Street, Daniel Moen and Sasha M. Moen, Fort Hood, Texas, bought to Joseph Brantley, Watertown $305,250

Village of Black River: Unknown acres, Heaps 5 and 6, Black River Subdivision, Benefit of New York LLC, Syracuse, bought to Dennis L. Esch and Kathleen H. Esch Revocable Belief, Omaha, Neb. $697,920

City of Brownville: 0.52 acres, 18356 State Route 12E, Philip G. Jenner and Lynn A. Jenner, Dexter, bought to James C. Savage, Dexter $125,000

City of Lyme: 2.19 acres, 19307 South Shore Street, W.J. Hughes and Tamara J. Hughes, as trustees of The Hughes Household Belief, Humboldt, Ariz., bought to Jerry F. Weimar and Kathleen L. Weimar, as trustees of the Dwelling Belief of Jerry F. Weimar and Kathleen L. Weimar, New Woodstock $344,000

City of Alexandria: 0.2 acres, 21045 Glen Alpine, Richard W. Randall, Alexandria Bay, as trustee of the Richard W. Randall Revocable Belief, bought to Benjamin C. Walldroff and Jada L. Walldroff, LaFargeville $1,100,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Sept. 30:

City of Brownville: 0.16 acres, 25005 Street 312, Brian Traynor, as trustee of the John A. Traynor III Irrevocable Dwelling Belief, Watertown, bought to Calvin Traynor and Renae Traynor, Watertown $70,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.42 acres, 522 Mill St., Myron C. Kehoe Jr., Watertown, bought to Cielo Properties LLC, Watertown $62,000

City of Adams: 2.3 acres, 12447 County Route 66, Grace Plamondon, Adams Middle, bought to James J. Uli, Temecula, Calif. $235,500

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.09 acre, 430 Lincoln St., Edgar R. Vegaalban and Roseletta A. Maracle, as trustees of the Rosie & Eddie Vegaalban Belief, Watertown, bought to Nicholas Duarte and Lori Rios, Watertown $125,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.19 acres, 1116 Boyd St., David H. McAllister, Watertown, bought to 1116 Boyd Avenue Land Belief, Rochester $190,000

City of Theresa: 3.77 acres, 28348 Silver Avenue Street, Ian W. Gilbert, Watertown, as referee for Richard C. Dobson, bought to U.S. Financial institution Nationwide Affiliation, Irvine, Calif. $29,500

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.19 acres, 619 Sherman St., David M. Anderson and Sook Kim Anderson, Mount Laurel, N.J., bought to Charlene M. Younger, Fort Drum $185,000

City of Wilna: 5 acres, 24705 County Route 42, Richard G. Hofmann, Paula R. Hofmann and Erik William Hofmann, Carthage, bought to Lee J. Birch, Black River $266,000

Village of Deferiet: 0.16 acres, 34 Wilna Ave., Matthew S. Kealy, Deferiet, bought to James R. Nicholas, Gouverneur $124,900

City of Alexandria: 0.53 acres, 47245 Iroquois Island Drive, Elliott D. Hillback Jr. and Marjorie S. Hillback, Needham, Mass., bought to John P. MacDaniel and Joann MacDaniel, Stuart, Fla. $460,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.11 acres, 1006 Franklin St., Justin E. Hammond, Gresham, Ore., bought to Bridgette D. Heinrichs, Yukon, Okla. $105,000

City of Henderson: 0.1 acre, Marina Drive, Thomas W. Bommelji, Rochester, bought to Douglas E. Behner, Henderson $0

City of Rutland: 2.64 acres, 23199 County Route 144, Katherine H. Greenwood, Black River, bought to Todd Martin, Black River $30,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.19 acres, 615 Cayuga St., William S. Smithers Jr., Hammond, as executor of the Jessie M. Smithers property, bought to Robert F. Johnson, Whitehall, Ohio $20,000

City of Orleans: 0.7 acres, 36377 Sarah Lane, Joshua J. Christie and Jennifer A. Christie, LaFargeville, bought to Andrew W. Dowey and Jill M. Dowey, Fort Drum $319,900

City of Brownville: Two parcels totaling 3.06 acres, 27384 State Route 12, Rose E. Scott, Chaumont, as executor of the Mason E. Mosher property, bought to David A. Brown, Chaumont $80,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Oct. 1:

City of Lyme: 102.13 acres, Outdated City Springs Street, Acciona Power USA International LLC, Chicago, In poor health., bought to Bryan W. Stumpf, Cape Vincent $95,000

Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.12 acres, 60 Anthony St., David C. Garlock, Alexandria Bay, bought to Peter L. Walton, Alexandria Bay $48,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.19 acres, 932 State St., Joanne C. Guardino, Watertown, bought to Sandra L. Powell, Watertown $111,300

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.11 acres, 700 Lansing St., Teresa Onofre, Sugar Land, Texas, bought to Erasmo F. Cujilema, Clarksville, Tenn. $158,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.15 acres, 702 Washington St., James A. Burrows, Watertown, as referee for Alicia B. Sparks, bought to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Nashville, Tenn. $196,952

City of Alexandria: 0.3 acres, 43816 State Route 37, Donna Myers, Redwood, bought to Fairness Belief Firm FBO Gerald A. Leone Jr., Victor $10,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.2 acres, 519 E. Major St., Robert Burgenstock and Lynn M. Burgenstock, Watertown, bought to McMacken Properties LLC, Carthage $50,000

Village of Theresa: 0.79 acres, 308 Mill St., Kenneth R. McCormick and Janice C. McCormick, Theresa, bought to Kylie J.M. Powell, Evans Mills $110,000

City of Value: 0.41 acres, 7929 Hayes Street, Jason Goodman, Copenhagen, bought to Leslie Kay Petrie, Lorraine $25,400

The next property gross sales have been recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s workplace July 19, 2021:

City of Brasher: 20.4 acres, starting in southeast nook of lot 24 and working north and west alongside south line; 27.2 acres, starting in south line of lot 24, from southwest nook working east; 40.85 acres, starting in freeway at northeast nook of lot 24, working south alongside east line; 25.65 acres, starting on freeway at southwest nook of lot owned by Peter LaShomb and southerly line of lot 32; and 52.29 acres, starting at southeast nook of lot 38, working south west to north line of lot 31, Michael D. Ward, Brasher Falls, bought to David J. Mast and Verna J. Mast, Whitehill $170,000

City of Colton: Parcel, starting on highway main from Potsdam to Tupper Lake from intersection with east line of farm owned by Harry Ford, Constance M. Hatch-Younger, South Colton, bought to Shawn R. Spadaccini and Emily L. Pinckney, Canton $155,000

City of Lisbon: 1.16 acres, starting at NYPA monument LI-91 at northwesterly boundary of Route 37 at southerly nook of lands now or previously of Daniel and Nancy Lafaver, Kathy L. Paul, Schaghticoke, bought to Scott A. Barney and Marcie L. Barne, Madrid $5,000

City of Brasher: Parcel, certain on north and west by river and east by East Middle Street, Mary P. Rufa and Shelley Phillips-LeBlanc, co-executrixes of property of Theresa C. Phillips, by advantage of final will and testomony of Theresa C. Phillips, bought to Seth Marsh Hamm, Norwood $5,000

City of Oswegatchie: Parcel, starting at a degree within the northerly bounds of Ogdensburg and Morristown Railroad Firm proper of approach, from westerly line of Holmes Nevins lot, Joseph J. Peccolo and Mary M. Peccolo, Ogdensburg, bought to R. Michael Isenhower and Jennifer Ott Isenhower, Fort Myers, Fla. $170,000

Metropolis of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 3, block D, starting in east aspect of James Avenue, southerly from nook of intersection with south aspect of Knox Avenue, Frank C. Tulip and Tammy L. Tulip, Chesapeake, Va., bought to Timothy Lalonde, Ogdensburg $20,000

City of Advantageous: Parcel, on freeway main from Advantageous to Harrisville at school district 1, bounded on north by freeway and east by Thivierge, Richard W. Hitchman, Star Lake, bought to Dean E. Kerr, Star Lake $12,500

City of Hopkinton: 223 acres, starting on Fletcher Street at southwest nook of lands now or previously of Dustin Smith, Man W. Rosenbarker and Beth E. Rosenbarker, Hammond, bought to Aaron R. Howell, Potsdam $250,000

City of Lisbon: 3 acres, starting on Bull Run Street at northeasterly nook of lands now or previously of Philip D. Fonda, Lowell Nelson and Stella Nelson, Lisbon, bought to Tiffanie England and Zachary England, Lisbon $35,000

City of Oswegatchie: 8.61 acres, starting in northwest boundary of Nancy’s Lane at southwest nook of lands now or previously of Allan J. LaMere and Coleen La Mere, Gerald A. Howes and Mildred Anne Howes, Ogdensburg, bought to Amelia Dal Pai and Stasun Hebert, Ogdensburg $35,000

City of DeKalb: 2.19 acres, starting on County Street 20 at southeast boundary of lands now or previously of Jaroslaw Automobile and Eileen Automobile, Steven L. Edney and Tammy L. Edney, Richville, bought to Matthew J. Crawn, Gouverneur $97,000

Metropolis of Ogdensburg: 0.249 acres, starting at intersection of south boundary of Proctor Avenue with west boundary of John Avenue, Edward Smith, Ogdensburg, bought to Julie A. Arduine, Ogdensburg $80,000

City of Depeyster: 5.27 acres, starting on East Street at northwest nook of A. Yaddow lot, Mildred C. Bullock, Fort Pierce, Fla., bought to Tyler J. Brothers, Heuvelton $25,000

City of Advantageous: 1.54 acres, starting in north freeway boundary of Route 3 at intersection with division line between lands conveyed to Jack C. Thomas and Margaret M. Thomas on the west and Padgett’s Shops Inc. on the east, St. Lawrence County Property Improvement Company, Canton, bought to Star Lake DG LLC, Birmingham, Ala. $225,000

City of Brasher: Parcel 1: 150.24 acres, starting in west line of Haven’s Tract at northeast nook of heaps 161 and 160; and Parcel 2: 83.49 acres, starting in a degree within the west financial institution of Deer River in a line between heaps 59 and 60, Peter G. Paquin, Middleboro, Mass., bought to Christopher Michael Grey, Helena $75,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 2, Block A, in NorthView Subdivision, Anthony Austin, Lakeland, Fla.; David Austin, Ontario; Connie Farnan, Greensboro, N.C.; Robert Austin, Roseboro, N.C.; Kathleen A. Austin, Eastlake, Ohio; Trevor Austin, Massena; and Christopher Austin, Massena, heirs of the late Craig Wayne Austin, individually and constituting heirs of the late Patrick Austin, bought to Zevon Viskovich and Georgia R. Periods, Massena $62,500

The next property gross sales have been recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s workplace July 20, 2021:

City of Massena: Parcel, lot 119 in Oakmont, addition to Village of Massena, Scott M. Blanchard and Tammy L. Blanchard, Massena, bought to William E. Sultzer, Norwood $39,500

City of Gouverneur: 0.4 acres, starting on important state freeway between Richville and Gouverneur from intersection with Gueernsey Cross Street, Justin S. Temper, Gouverneur, bought to Brandon S. Dunn, Russell $84,000

City of Fowler: 2.64 acres, starting on freeway between Hailesboro and Gouverneur on west aspect of river at southerly nook of lot conveyed to Joel E. Marsh and Anita B. Marsh, William Ok. Whitney, Gouverneur, bought to Richard J. Wooden and Lisa I. Wooden, Gouverneur $160,000

City of Fowler: 1.09 acres, starting on Fowler-Emeryville Street from intersection with Outdated Route 58, Marjorie Zanker, executrix of property of Shirley M. Woodward, Westernville, bought to Lisa L. Hull, DeKalb Junction $75,000

City of Massena: 0.192 acres, starting in northerly boundary of Elm Avenue in southeasterly nook of property of James Whalen, James P. Burke, Baldwinsville; and Colleen A. Thayer, Winthrop, bought to Emily L. Clement and Myron L. Clement, Massena $115,000

Village of Norwood: 50 sq. rods of land, starting in northerly bounds of Baldwin Avenue Avenue at intersection with easterly bounds of Lafayette Avenue, Olga Carpenter and Wayne R. Carpenter, Norwood, bought to Jeremiah L. Sullivan and Olivia M. Sullivan, Canton $145,000

City of Potsdam: 5 acres, starting on Finnegan Street at intersection with westerly line of lot conveyed to Allen Wait Jr., Sylvia Kingston, Canton, bought to Randy Spadaccini and Cheryl Spadaccini, Canton $15,500

City of Stockholm: 6.079 acres, starting at intersection with southerly boundary of Route 11 and McGovern Street, Ulrich P. Overlook, Potsdam; Amy L. Watkins, Lagrangeville; Michael A. Overlook, Potsdam; and Thomas P. Overlook, Massena, bought to Cole J. Mcmahon, Gouverneur $125,000

Village of Massena: 0.08 acres, starting in west bounds of North Major Avenue at north nook of Derosia Avenue, Alan J. Deruchia, Massena, bought to Lucas T. VanAcker and Meghan M. VanAcker, Waddington $60,000

City of Hopkinton: 1 acre, starting at intersection with northwest Bay Street with St. Lawrence Turnpike, Patricia Louise Parks, Brasher Falls, bought to Heriberto Escobales and Casey L. Escobales, Potsdam $50,000

City of Massena: 0.0186 acres, starting in westerly bounds of Baldwin Avenue at southeasterly nook of lot 15, block B, Newton Estates, Lena L. Spadafore, Massena, bought to Andrew Ashley and Sarah B. Ashley, Massena $137,000

City of Hammond: 14.03 acres, starting on Oak Level Street at intersection with northwesterly boundary of lands now or previously of Robert Sampson and Joan Sampson, Martin Brothers Farms LLC, Hammond, bought to Darcy Pavelski, Waddington $28,500

City of Pitcairn: 20 acres, starting at northwest nook of lot 165, working south between heaps 165 and 158, Gene M. Bigarel and Carol A. Bigarel, Gouverneur, bought to Wendy L. LaCava, Gouverneur $125,000

City of Pitcairn: Parcel, starting in northerly marking of previous Pitcairn-Fowler Street at northerly marking of highway from Niagara Mohawk Pole 23, Jolie S. Snider, Harrisville, bought to Ryan Scott Hyneman and Tara Ann Hyneman, Gouverneur $190,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s workplace July 21, 2021:

City of Brasher: 0.13 acres, starting on westerly financial institution of St. Regis River from fence in line between east and center thirds of township 17, Roy H. Riley and Linda R. Riley, Ontario, Canada, bought to Diana Lynn Reynolds, Massena $75,000

Village of Massena: Parcel, lot 1, block D, on map 4 of “Newton Estates,” Joanne Snyder, Apex, N.C., bought to Lisa M. Dufore, Ogdensburg $130,000

City of Russell: Parcel, lot 69, northerly half of township 5, Nice Tract 3 of Macomb’s Buy, William R. Eligh and Susan B. Eligh, Homer, bought to Eduard I. Loop, Russell $30,000

City of Louisville: Parcel, lot 8 of Michael J. Curran Countryside Subdivision, Mark Wright, Roanoke, Ind., executor of property of Gerald J. Wright, bought to Kevin Pryce, Massena $15,000

Village of Potsdam: 0.21 acres, starting in northerly bounds of Clough Avenue from westerly bounds of Racquette Street, Mark A. Ovaska, Brooklyn, bought to Jeremiah Hardin and Abigail Hardin, Decatur, Ga. $59,000

Metropolis of Ogdensburg: Parcel, starting in northeast nook of lot 11 at intersection of Montgomery and Champlain Streets, Scott Bouchard and Carolyn Bouchard, Ogdensburg, bought to Corinne L. Lawrence, Ogdensburg $211,500

City of Potsdam: 62.87 acres, starting at northwesterly nook of land previously conveyed to Stephen Hicks, working west, Glenn W. Clark, Potsdam, bought to Gregory M. Vaverchak and Vanessa N. Vaverchak, Star Lake $315,000

City of Hermon: Parcel, starting in north shore of Trout Lake at southeast nook of lands now or previously of John M. and Lucille J. Bushaw, Andrew Boos and Katherine Boos, Skaneateles, bought to Karole Elthorp, Hermon $366,000

Metropolis of Ogdensburg: Parcel, heaps 17 and 18, block D, Peter C. Irvine and Sandra J. Irvine, Lisbon, bought to Christopher Corridor and Shannon Corridor, Johnstown, Pa. $74,500

City of Advantageous: 0.6 acres, starting in easterly boundary of parcel now or previously of Richard Wallace Hitchman and Bridget Hitchman in westerly boundary of parcel now or previously of Star Lake Home-owner’s Affiliation Inc., Harold W. Pickering III and Amanda J. Pickering, Madrid, bought to Meagan E. Russell, Longview, Texas, trustee of Scott E. and Jenifer M. Russell Irrevocable Belief; and Scott E. Russell and Jenifer M. Russell, New Hartford $260,000

City of Brasher: Parcel, starting on highway main from Maple Ridge to Helena on west aspect of St. Regis River, from intersection with northeasterly line of land owned by Elmer White, Clark Legacy LLC, Malone, bought to Katie A. Maloney, Ogdensburg $20,000

City of Stockholm: 2.41 acres, starting on Outdated Market Street at intersection with north boundary of lands now or previously of Daniel C. Layaw and Tammy S. Layaw, Patrick H. Brady and Kelley A. Brady, Potsdam, bought to Ying Zhang and Yu Liu, Syracuse $172,000

Metropolis of Ogdensburg: Parcel, starting on southerly aspect of East South Avenue on westerly line of premises conveyed to Frederick Perkins, Jonathan Mehaffy, Ogdensburg, bought to Ginger McSprinkles LLC, Ogdensburg $33,000

Metropolis of Ogdensburg: Parcel, lot 13, block 6, certain on north by Water Avenue and on east by Hamilton Avenue, Richard J. Bromley and Jean M. Bromley, Ogdensburg, bought to Carole M. Sinclair and Howard E. Currid, Brocksville, Fla.; Allison Marie Cooney, Brooksville, Fla.; and Amy Might Mildred Wolfe-Gust, Ottawa, Ontario $132,500

City of Canton: Parcel, starting on Buck Avenue in southerly line of William Wright lot, Sherry Dobbs and Trish Dobbs, South Colton, bought to Joshua Akins and Tasha Akins, Hermon $126,000

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