The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Jan. 31:

City of Theresa: 0.52 acres, 28230 Silver Road Street, Janine Ridley, Jamesville, offered to James Steven Wilson, Theresa $1

Village of Mannsville: 0.45 acres, 116 Lilac Park Drive, Christina E. Stone, Watertown, as referee for Deborah B. Spencer, offered to Federal Dwelling Mortgage Mortgage Company, McLean, Va. $121,742

City of Henderson: Two parcels totaling 0.24 acres, 14277 County Route 123, Terry F. Gillespie, Henderson Harbor, offered to Christopher Clement and Teri D. Clement, Rochester $208,000

Village of Adams: 0.46 acres, 12 Roberts St., Diane Bishop Smith, Cary, N.C., and Sally E. Jerome, Adams, offered to Kortney Fulkerson, Henderson $105,000

City of Pamelia: 0.46 acres, North of Sheridan Road, George M. Lucas, Bathtub, as executor of the George Morris Lucas property, offered to City of Pamelia $0

City of Watertown: 5.06 acres, 16448 Deer Run Street, Steven G. Knight, Watertown, offered to Elizabeth Mathew, Watertown $620,000

City of Alexandria: 3.21 acres, Fitchette Street, Richard A. Bartlett and Maureen L. Bartlett, LaFargeville, offered to Robert E. Kerwin III, LaFargeville $1

City of Champion: 1.2 acres, 25301 Stewart Drive, Mark W. Smith, Alexandria Bay, offered to John L. Shetler and Megan R. Shetler, Champion $155,000

City of Henderson: 0.97 acres, North Schoolhouse Street, Garry V. Jones, Henderson, offered to Robert J. Rogers and Elaine M. Rogers, Henderson $5,000

City of Wilna: 3 acres, 39489 State Route 126, Janice J. McMahon, Carthage and Kelly O’Dell, Copenhagen, as trustees of the Kenneth O’Dell Irrevocable Belief, offered to Jordan A. McAvoy, Carthage $87,500

City of Antwerp: 26.03 acres, County Route 28, John L. Shetler, Black River, offered to Luke Martin, Antwerp $52,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Feb. 1:

Village of Chaumont: 2.1 acres, 11329 Circle Drive, Windchime Holding LLC, Chaumont, offered to Mandewatton LLC, Cape Vincent $50,000

City of Ellisburg: 10.2 acres, U.S. Route 81, Jeffrey L. Ostlund, Watertown, offered to A. Brown Properties LLC, Watertown $5,000

City of Watertown: 5.04 acres, 16451 Deer Run Street, Walter Dodard and Berline Vilceus-Dodard, Watertown, offered to Steven DiMatteo and Marianne DiMatteo, Watertown $715,000

City of Clayton: 0.89 acres, 16316 Grenell Island, Nicholas Jerge, Buffalo, offered to Michelle Huie, Christopher Volk and Kyle Volk, Missoula, Mont. $585,000

Village of Black River: 2.1 acres, 213/217 S. Primary St., John A. Cooper Jr., Black River, offered to Ryan Ward and Sarah Ward, Watertown $151,000

City of Orleans: 1.7 acres, 46403 Crow Island, Linda M. Dombrowski, Thousand Island Park, offered to Laurent Chevreau and Heather Chevreau, Chicago, Unwell. $200,000

City of Adams: 7.66 acres, 15993 County Route 76, Jedfrey A. Welch, Adams Middle and Kimberly A. Welch, Wellesley Island, offered to Mark Joseph Phillips and Samantha Denae Phillips, Adams Middle $250,000

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.12 acres, 706 Cooper St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., offered to Dawn Horizons LLC, Theresa $66,900

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Feb. 2:

Village of Dexter: 0.29 acres, 611 Brown St., Margaret L. Kidder, Dexter, offered to Julie E. Bruce, Dexter $125,000

Village of Evans Mills: 0.85 acres, 8789 N. Primary St., Andrew G. Modica and Stacy L. Modica, Corbin, Ky., offered to Natalie Cole, Watertown $170,000

City of Orleans: 1.31 acres, 21101 Buttermilk Flat Street, Mark G. Gebo, Clayton, as executor of the Robert J. Eveleigh property, offered to April Brown, LaFargeville $123,000

City of Henderson: 5.67 acres, West of Bishop Road, John J. Behan and Cynthia A. Behan, Saratoga Springs, offered to Matthew Dowker, Mannsville $10,000

City of Orleans: 0.46 acres, 45611 Lake of the Isles, Sandra M. Park, Johnson Metropolis, offered to Sheila Parkes Smith and Donald J. Smith, Wellesley Island $37,500

City of Watertown: 5.6 acres, 20871/20873 County Route 63, James Martin Lee and Cynthia Marie Lee, Redwood, offered to Jerome A. Sherman and Catherine E. Sherman, Watertown $425,000

City of Watertown: 84.43 acres, Northwest of County Route 63, James Martin Lee, Redwood, offered to Jerome A. Sherman and Catherine E. Sherman, Watertown $1

City of Watertown: 17.25 acres, Northwest of County Route 63, James Martin Lee, Redwood, offered to Jerome A. Sherman and Catherine E. Sherman, Watertown $1

Village of Deferiet: 0.14 acres, 61 Anderson Ave., Timothy P. Vanhouter, LeRoy, offered to Haddie H. Sauer and Tyler E. Sauer, Carthage $10,900

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.26 acres, 235-237 Central St., Robert J. Slye, Watertown, as referee for Christina Sabers, offered to Morgan Stanley Mortgage Mortgage Belief, Greenwood Village, Colo. $98,876

City of Clayton: 0.56 acres, 15200 Evergreen Lane, Michael T. Kowalow and Tammy J. Kowalow, Clayton, offered to Charles G. Caprara and Maureen A. Caprara, Clayton $395,000

City of Champion: 2.58 acres, 35477 State Route 26, Tammy R. Arnold, Harrisville and Lori A. Turck, Castorland, offered to Loren F. Bush Jr. and Margaret C. Bush, Carthage $52,500

City of Alexandria: 5.09 acres, 47959 County Route 1, Scott M. Felder, Jacksonville, Fla. and Dean A. Heath, Redwood, as executors of the Paul A. Felder property, offered to Mary Ellen Nelson, Redwood $0

City of Brownville: 110.3 acres, County Route 54, Dean A. Wilkie, Clayton, as administrator of the Jasper R. Wilkie property, offered to Michael Becker and Melissa Becker, Watertown $120,000

Village of Clayton: 0.18 acres, 300 Swart Ave., Daniel Murray, Clayton, offered to Matthew B. Bass, Alexandria Bay $89,000

City of Ellisburg: Two parcels: 1) 11.2 acres, 1376/1378 State Route 3; 2) 3 acres, 393 State Route 3, Quinn Properties LLC, Adams, offered to Brudog LLC, Mannsville $180,000

Village of Brownville: 0.48 acres, 121 Patrician Lane, David N. Christensen, Harker Heights, Texas, offered to Jake Kahoe, Watertown $300,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Feb. 3:

City of Clayton: 9.4 acres, State Route 12E, Patrick L. Bouchard and Laurie A. Bouchard, Clayton, offered to Peter Remington and Elizabeth Remington, Vero Seaside, Fla. $120,000

City of Rutland: 1.12 acres, 26492 Ridge Street,Kevin M. Converse, Watertown, offered to Christopher Gunter and Heather Johnson, Cameron, N.C. $235,000

Village of Alexandria Bay and City of Alexandria: Two parcels totaling 0.01 acre, 21 Harbor Villas, Robert J. Rayo and Susan L. Rayo, Baldwinsville, offered to Salvatore Scarfalloto and Diane R. Scarfalloto, Honesdale, Pa. $275,000

Village of Chaumont: 0.68 acres, 27783 County Route 179, Thomas G. Hockin, Chaumont, offered to George D. Patterson and Arianna Patterson, Hephzibah, Ga. $324,000

City of Theresa: 5.05 acres, Moon Lake Street, Land First Inc., Lacona, offered to Alan J. Bush and Elizabeth A. Bush, Black River $89,900

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.19 acres, 136 Franklin St., Van Duzee Road Properties LLC, Watertown, offered to Neighbors of Watertown Inc., Watertown $102,885

Metropolis of Watertown: Two parcels: 1) 0.21 acres, 130 Highland Ave.; 2) 0.21 acres, 132 Highland Ave., Barry R. Smith, Gouverneur, offered to Jonathan A. Brown, Oswego $125,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Jefferson County clerk’s workplace Feb. 4:

Metropolis of Watertown: 0.18 acres, 124 Franklin St., Johnson Household Actual Property LLC, Watertown, offered to Neighbors of Watertown Inc., Watertown $247,115

City of Henderson: 0.57 acres, 8102 Fargo Street, Judith L. Henchen, Henderson, as executor of the Robert G. Henchen property, offered to Brendan Whitney and Leani Spinner, Henderson $180,000

City of Theresa: 16 acres, 30509 County Route 194, Samuel Jay Love and Kolbee N. Love, Theresa, offered to Melissa Munoz and Roberto Munoz, Fort Drum $350,000

City of Wilna: 1.92 acres, 40047 Rogers Crossing Street, Joyce I. Becker, Carthage, offered to Florence A. Hare and Robert L. Hare, APO AE $175,000

City of Brownville: 5 acres, 26145 Perch Lake Street, Sean M. Griffin, Rineyville, Ky., offered to Justin Selley and Morgan Selley, Watertown $185,500

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Lewis County clerk’s workplace Nov. 22:

City of Diana: 14379 Maple St., Bradford W. Pratt, offered to Aubrey Stieg $33,500

City of Greig: Partridgeville Street, Kristin Reese, offered to Steven H. Gregg $1

City of Leyden: 2638 State Route 12, Gary F. Niedzielski, offered to Kathryn L. Finest $0

City of New Bremen: 6116 Patty St., Matthew J. Crampton, offered to Ila M. Taylor $265,000

City of Watson: 6408 Crestview Drive, Michael Craig, offered to Thomas J. Fulmer $265,000

City of Watson: 7209 Quantity 4 Street, Ryan M. Sauer, offered to Aaron R. Zehr $70,000

City of Watson: 6872 Quantity 4 Street, Mary A. Albertson property, offered to Mick Lee $51,250

City of Watson: 6368 George Hill Street, Karel J. Ambroz, offered to Kevin E. Smith $65,000

City of Watson: 7808 Stony Lake Street, Karl A. Muncy, offered to Melinda Cobb $48,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Lewis County clerk’s workplace Nov. 23:

City of Martinsburg: 6070 Tiffany Street, Terry A. McClelland, offered to Kevin Groff $240,000

City of Turin: 4099 East Street, Tracy L. Rockwell, offered to Corey J. Dosztan $120,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Lewis County clerk’s workplace Nov. 24:

City of Diana: Cherry Knoll Street, Harry S. Phelps, offered to Annette M. Smith $1

City of Greig: 5422 N. Shore Street, Edward T. Wurz, offered to WFC2 Property Administration $11

City of Lyonsdale: 9543 Moose River Street, Wilfred Mayer, offered to Golden Meadows NY LLC $36,500

City of Martinsburg: 6573 State Route 12, Anthony Younger, as administrator of the Matthew S. Younger property, offered to Alexander S. Hoffert $130,000

City of Martinsburg: 6573 State Route 12, Tina Zehr, offered to Alexander S. Hoffert $130,000

City of New Bremen: 8387 Van Amber Street, Merritt L. Jones, offered to Kaylee R. Kreft $180,000

City of Osceola: 634 Redfield Street, Limestone Ridge LLC, offered to William J. Tiernan $49,900

The next property gross sales have been recorded in Lewis County clerk’s workplace Nov. 29:

City of Diana: Kimballs Mill Street, Christmas & Associates Inc., offered to Michael A. Thompson $25,995

City of Diana: Kimballs Mill Street, Christmas & Associates Inc., offered to Michael A. Thompson $39,995

City of Diana: 5691 Previous State Street, John Kelsey, offered to SJ Northern Escape LLC $525,000

City of New Bremen: 9425 Artz Street, Pamela A. Hanno, offered to Troy T. Bennett $17,500

City of West Turin: 4045 Web page Street, Ernest G. Wiard, offered to Donald Fuerst $55,000

The next property sale was recorded in Lewis County clerk’s workplace Nov. 30:

City of Diana: Jerden Falls Street, Timothy S. Rogers, offered to Kimberly J. Wolverton $18,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s workplace Nov. 18, 2021:

City of Massena: Parcel, 124 Jefferson Avenue, Scott Akey, Massena, offered to Jeffery E. Kearns and Crystal L. Kearns, Massena $30,000

City of Canton: Parcel, 170 Skyes Street, Wendy Linette Nash, Canton, offered to Kathy J. Porter, Liverpool $189,000

City of Colton: Parcel, 36A Chilly Brook Drive, Thomas E. Thomas, Walker, La., offered to Cynthia Marie Kalencki, Zachary, La.; Lorie Ann White, Walker, La.; and Melissa Marie Moore, South Colton $75,000

City of Canton: Parcel, 55 East Primary Road, W. Scott O’Connell and Susan J. O’Connell, Amherst, N.H., offered to Sara E. Olin, Canton $113,500

City of Parishville: 2.68 acres, 97 Allen Falls Street, Eric C. Oney and Sondra Oney, Potsdam, offered to Jesse Francis Quealy and Megan Marie Oney, Potsdam $50,000

City of Clifton: 0.107 acres, 35 Elm Road West, Dianne Ok. Brotherton, Newton Falls; and Angela J. Holloway, executrix of James F. Brotherton property, Weaver, Ala., offered to Fairness & Assist Inc., Clearwater, Fla. $23,000

City of Macomb: 14.12 acres, starting on Black Lake Street, from southwesterly boundary of lands now or previously of Alden G. Boulerice and Linda L. Boulerice, Piece of Mine LLC, Gouverneur, offered to Elisha J. Oliver and Callie L. Collier, Watertown $35,000

City of Waddington: 0.753 acres, 11643 Route 37, John Austin and Kristen Austin, Lisbon, offered to Robert F. Ingersoll, DePeyster $156,000

City of Gouverneur: 0.18 acres, 87 Grove Road, Gary V. Roberts and Nancy L. Roberts, Massena, offered to Diane M. Miller and William B. Miller, Gouverneur $25,500

City of DeKalb: 2.78 acres, starting on Welch Street at westerly nook of lands now or previously of Cory S. Garrison, Kevin Langtry, Massena, offered to Cory S. Garrison, Richville $2,000

City of Potsdam: Parcel, 3 Prospect Road, Thomas Nesbitt and Ellen M. Nesbitt, Norwood, offered to Robert M. Myers and Betsy R. Myers, Norwood $117,500

City of Canton: 6.5 acres, 29 Churchill Road, Phyllis J. Coffey, Canton, offered to Shawn Delorme, Rensselaer Falls $44,000

City of Hammond: Parcel, 408 Oak Level Street, David R. Furgison and Sherry A. Furgison, Hammond, offered to Donald A. Ceresoli Jr. and Pleasure L. Ceresoli, Hammond $15,000

City of Lisbon: 1.88 acres, Sparrow Hawk Level Street, Aimee M. Dean, Lisbon, offered to Danny M. Devlin and Bonnie A. Devlin, West Springfield, Mass. $23,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s workplace Nov. 19, 2021:

City of Positive: Parcel 1: 0.21 acres; Parcel 2: 0.14 acres; Parcel 3: Lot 68 of Sunny View Addition; and Parcel 4: Lot 67 in Sunny View Addition, 12 Forest View Street, Karlton P. Pryce Sr., executor of property of Edgar L. Pryce, Star Lake, offered to Dale F. Barker, Gouverneur $54,500

City of Potsdam: Parcel, 2 South Canton Street, Herbert W. Seymour and Sharon A. Seymour, Clayton, offered to Martin L. Tremblay and Shirley Tremblay, Potsdam $30,000

City of Massena: 0.25 acres, 12 Pine Road, Alexandria L. Martin, Massena, offered to Lori M. Apple, Aurora, Unwell. $98,000

City of Hammond: 0.05 acres, 204 and 46B Dillon Level Street, Edward W. Schultz and Linda M. Schultz, Bridgeport, offered to Ralph E. Dickinson and Jennifer L. Dickinson, Holley $50,000

City of Lisbon: 13.16 acres, 55 Scott Street, Susan M. English, Hammond, offered to Joshua Hitsman and Chelsey Duprey, Ogdensburg $70,000

City of Lisbon: 0.55 acres, 49 County Route 28, Shelley R. Grant-Robinson, Ogdensburg; and Todd Grant, Pensacola, Fla., offered to Brooke Briscoe, Liverpool $150,000

City of Hopkinton: 0.36 acres, 100 Younger Street, Robert J. Halford and Carolynn L. Stiles-Halford, West Stockholm, offered to Gregary J. Butler and Lori A. Butler, Norwood $244,000

City of Morristown: 4.51 acres, starting on Scotch Bush Street from intersection with Route 37, Gina L. Chambers, Watertown, offered to Colin Sayer, Ogdensburg $12,000

City of Potsdam: Parcel, 9 Circle Drive, Doris Partitions, State Faculty, Pa., executrix of final will and testomony of the late Josip Kratohvil, Potsdam, offered to Ka Ho Leung and Modi Wang, Potsdam $168,000

City of Oswegatchie: 18,600 sq. ft of land, 6155 Route 37, Francis A. Scheer, Ogdensburg, offered to Matthew A. Tessmer and Kathleen Tessmer, Ogdensburg $405,000

The next property gross sales have been recorded in St. Lawrence County clerk’s workplace Nov. 22, 2021:

Metropolis of Ogdensburg: Parcel, 510 Rensselaer Avenue, Ronnie M. VanHouse and Lynda L. VanHouse, co-trustees of The VanHouse Household Belief, Ogdensburg, offered to Alexander Arruda, Rensselaer Falls $58,500

City of Lisbon: Parcel, 9377 5 Mile Line Street, Karen M. LaFave, Ogdensburg, offered to Jennifer Woods, Lisbon $165,000

City of Gouverneur: 0.33 acres, starting in northeasterly bounds of Cambray Road at southerly nook of lot 51, Joseph P. Cummings and Aimee L. Cummings, Bentonville, Va., offered to Frederick J. Resch, Gouverneur $1,500

City of Lisbon: 28.36 acres, starting on County Route 28 at northeasterly nook of lands now or previously of Richard T. Ladouceur, Christopher H. O’Brian and David O’Brian, Lisbon, offered to Knollwood Farms, Lisbon $200,000

City of Macomb: Three parcels, 38 Thorntons Lane and Black Lake Street, Louis W. Thornton, Star Lake, offered to Jon W. Huckle and Bridget L. Huckle, Canton $15,000

City of Hopkinton: 1.4 acres, 752 Converse Street, Benjamin L. McAllister and Lauren R. McAllister, Fort Jackson, offered to Craig W. Donovan and Kathleen M. Donovan, Nicholville $110,000

City of Colton: Parcel, off Stowe Bay Street, Ronald R. Gotham and Sharon E. Gotham, South Colton; Cheryl M. Thomas, Colton; Jeffrey L. Ford, Jericho Middle, Vt.; and Jerry M. Ford and Sherri L. Andrews-Ford, Milton, Vt., offered to Joseph M. Taylor and Erika Taylor, Baldwinsville $22,000

City of Waddington: 0.17 acres, off Franklin Street, Lawrence W. Thomas, Venus, Fla., offered to Roger Paradis and Anita Sochia, Potsdam $3,500

City of Massena: 0.149 acres, 26 Grove Road, Phillip Lee Martin, Colchester, Vt., offered to Judy Jascot, Massena $83,000

City of Parishville: 101.29 acres, starting at intersection of Picketville Street and woods operating westerly, Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., Massena, offered to Lisa Ok. Clothier, Potsdam $80,000

City of Louisville: 1.45 acres, portion of parcel 2844, Jon-Paul Faucher and Katie Curran Faucher, Massena, offered to Robert D. Cook dinner and Carolyn Cook dinner, Loudon, Tenn. $75,000

City of Norfolk: 27.28 acres, starting on Stark Street at intersection with southeasterly nook of Jas. Cinnamon lot, Scott Kerr, Massena, offered to Robert Stickney and Anthony Adams, Massena $30,000

City of Potsdam: 2 acres, starting on Schoolhouse Street from northerline line of mile sq. 21, Daniel P. Hayden and Susan Hayden, Canton, offered to Kathleen M. Murphy, Canton $23,000

City of Russell: 25.88 acres, starting on Forbes Street at northwest nook of lands conveyed to Cocuzza, Keith Kittredge, South Burlington, Vt.; and Thomas Zoufaly, Manchester Middle, Vt., offered to Danny Lee White and Agnes Mary White, Russell $35,000

City of Lisbon: 11.11 acres, 6281 County Route 10, Daniel J. Hitsman, Lisbon, offered to Jacob C. Frego, Madrid $205,000

City of Parishville: Parcel, 1707 Route 11B, Julie A. Simpson, Potsdam, offered to Grant S. Anderson, Potsdam $50,000

City of Canton: Parcel, 43 Judson Road, Jennifer L. Sovde, Canton; and Myles J. Gustafson, Canton, offered to David C. Ludwig and Nicole L. Ludwig, Lincoln, Vt. $165,000

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