‘A flatline to healthcare’: Health sector responds to Alberta budget


EDMONTON (660 NEWS) — As reaction continues to trickle down on budget day, one main area of concern is being raised in the health sector.

Just minutes after the budget was released, immediate reaction could be seen marching towards the doors of the legislature.

Protestors in the thousands made their voices immediately heard as they raised concerns with cuts and what they were calling a “lack of support for health care in Alberta.”

Friends of Medicare, a provincial coalition of individuals, unions, associations, and more whose goal is to raise public awareness on concerns related to Medicare in Alberta, raised red flags with the announcement.

The group raising concerns with the small spending increase of 0.3%, adding that “a minimum of 2.9% additional funding is necessary to keep Alberta’s health care spending in line with inflation and population growth each year.”

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“Regardless of the political spin, when a government is not able to provide health care to meet the needs of a growing population, it is a cut,” executive director of Friends of Medicare Sandra Azocar said in a release. “As one goes down line by line through Budget 2020, what we’re seeing is a decrease in most areas of the health care budget.”


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